ids services

IDSs objective is to develop the best product that meets or exceeds all technical as well as business users’ requirements. Part of IDS development philosophy and methodology, to meet this objective, has been to combine as much practical business operator experience with development expertise as possible.

Therefore IDS consultants work extremely closely with the research and development department to ensure that the actual business and operational requirements are properly understood and incorporated within iServ.

The vast majority of IDS project and consulting personnel have previously worked for operators and thus have first-hand experience of the actual requirements and a thorough understanding of business issues. Some of the major areas IDS consultants have direct operational experience in include, auditing, finance, retail billing, wholesale billing, interconnect, fraud, revenue assurance, network rollout, network maintenance (switching, radio, transmission, VAS, etc). Certain IDS consultants have executive management experience in telecommunications operators in both developed and developing markets and thus can bring a unique overview to many projects.

IDS consultants have global experience having worked in developed and developing markets across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

In addition to IDS employed consultants, IDS also have strategic business partner agreements with specialist consulting companies which further enhances the depth and coverage of our services ability.

Implementation, integration, support and training services are all included under our standard services. In addition to these standard services, we also offer short term consultancy based projects, such as for example, fraud investigations, revenue assurance audits, operational and maintenance investigations, etc.