About ids

Secure and flexible platform for advanced data processing and analytics.

IDS is primarily a product company that develops, supports and sells the iServ product platform and associated applications. iServ’s primary purpose is to convert raw data to valuable business information in an efficient, structured way and enable business users simple and unfettered access to such information. 28 years of experience with data warehouse and business intelligence solutions, primarily in the Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) sector, have been invested in the iServ product platform.


These 28 years of experience, from both the product development and the customer operational perspectives, were brought together to create a brand new product. This new product, iServ, was first launched in 2007, unencumbered by any legacy systems or development and benefitting from the latest technologies.

Particular emphasis has been placed on user-friendliness, performance and ease of administration during the design of iServ.

The basic premise and operation of iServ remains unchanged regardless of which specialized area or application it is used for; both standard applications and more customized ones make use of general functions that ensure that data is processed, loaded and made available for analysis. The workflow and interface for data analysis are simplified by iServ’s integrated data analysis GUI, the “iChart Editor,” which allows both a free workflow and automatic documentation.


IDS’s unique expertise lies in our long experience of developing systems for information handling in the telecommunications sector and in our executive-level experience in operating telecommunications networks. These two areas of expertise, combined with a strong, driving entrepreneurial spirit, have created iServ.

IDS’s headquarters are in Luxembourg and our main R&D office is in Stockholm.

We have created international alliances with leading consulting firms and system integrators to ensure rapid professional implementation and global support for our fast-growing customer base.


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